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March – Alexander Motel / Percy’s Restaurant

The Alexander Motel and Percy’s Restaurant has been named as Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry Business of the Month for March.

Owner Craig Swingler said the award shows the consistency of the motel’s service after taking a 14 month break from October 2013 to December 2014

Mr Swingler has since then been rebuilding the old service with the help of his daughter Amy.

“It’s acknowledgement that after all the years people missed the service that we previously provided,” he said.

“In the past they just accepted the standards we had so therefore no one ever worried about it.”

“I don’t think it’s a change in our standards, it’s just they appreciate that we left, came back and worked hard to get back to the same old level of food quality and service.”

Mr Swingler said the motel’s customers were routinely satisfied with their experience as“We strive to make everyone happy when they leave as we look after everyone, which is what Amy and I want to do,” he said.

“If it’s their birthday or an important occasion you want to make sure it’s their special time.”

Mr Swingler admitted the nomination had caught him by surprise.

“You never do expect it, it shows we take care of people during their stay here and are grateful for the recognition,” he said.

“My mother Barbara Greenwood was known for her customer service during her 11 years and I have tried to give the same since 2005 as we’re always in competition.”

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