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Congratulations to Carlo Possagno for our appreciation towards Tourism

At last year’s Awards Dinner there was recognition for appreciation for an individual towards contributing to Whyalla’s tourism. And whilst not there on the night, we caught up with Carlo Possagno recently for a chat.

Carlo and his wife have lived in Whyalla and Point Lowly for many years, and in fact at Pt Lowly for over 20 years alone. At a younger age he spent much of his time snorkelling the area to clean and collect lost fishing equipment such as sinkers and squid jigs and other discarded rubbish. The fishing equipment being a by-product of his intent to keep a clean and pristine environmental area.

But it was the love of photography that was really his passion and in particularly underwater photos. Starting out like we all did with film cameras he now boasts a very proud collection of specialised equipment that helps him showcase our marine environment including the Giant Australian Cuttlefish.

Carlo’s photos have been such a success that international documentary film makers continue to contact him about the best times to visit Whyalla. And, you’ll always see him around Stony Point during the Cuttlefish season providing advice to divers and photographers to ensure they make the most of their visit to our area and continue to come back.

The next time you visit a hotel or business in Whyalla that displays magnificent photos of our Cuttlefish, just take a moment because it’s a good chance it was taken by Carlo.

Thanks, Carlo, for helping put Whyalla on the world stage, you’re a bloody legend…

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