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WTF?! What’s the Future? Sharing YOUR Vision for OUR Future

To our valued community stakeholders,

On behalf of the Whyalla City Council, we invite you to participate in ‘WTF?! What’s the Future? Sharing YOUR Vision for OUR Future’ workshop.

This will be an inspiring opportunity for the local community to continue to help shape the city’s future, with the outcomes feeding into a 20-year community plan for Whyalla. Whyalla City Council will also present the results of the recent Annual Community Survey, which will feed into both current and long-term planning.

We hope to see at least 400 people attending the workshop, including representatives from industry and business, government, schools and universities, sporting groups, arts groups, charitable organisations and community groups to name just a few.

The projects on our near horizon are incredibly exciting and represent opportunities not seen since the construction of the steelworks. This is brilliant news for our city, but there is a lot of work to be done to ensure our city and community are prepared for the growth and change we’re about to experience. Increased housing availability and affordability; improved educational offerings; increased public safety; community commitment to positive change; improved facilities and activities – these are all elements that will not be automatically fixed by an injection of new industry.

We all need to start thinking about what we want our city to look like in 10-20 years; and how we can each play our part in ensuring this comes to life.

So now is the time to join the conversation and get involved! Come along to the WTF workshop and share with us your thoughts and ideas to help ensure a Whyalla we can all be proud of – for now and our future generations.

This session will be facilitated by the highly energetic community engagement specialist Becky Hirst (learn more about her here). Becky will help get everyone involved through a range of techniques, allowing everyone in attendance to have their say in whichever way they are comfortable.

This is a unique opportunity to contribute to Whyalla’s exciting future, so be sure to register now via Eventbrite. Light refreshments will be supplied.

By the end of this workshop, community members will:

  • Be inspired by fellow residents sharing their stories and vision for the future of Whyalla
  • Have shared what makes them feel proud to live, work and play in Whyalla – and what their children will be proud of in the future
  • Identified shared priorities for the city moving forward
  • Be aware of the upcoming development of a new Community Plan; the review of Council’s suite of Strategic Plans; and the development/review of a series of operational plans
  • Have heard a summary of the results of the Annual Community Survey
  • Feel energised and excited for the future of Whyalla

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