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Sundowner Hotel – Business of the Month June 2023

Congratulations to the June 2023 Business of the Month; Sundowner Hotel…

Everybody loves to spend some time at their own special local. And that’s where the Sundowner excels in their patronage by providing Whyalla a go to place to enjoy a social experience amongst friends and family.

Under the same owners since 2002, the Barreau Hotel Group have managed to give everything a city hotel has in a place but with a country feel. Distinctively created, the hotel layout provides each area with its own privacy. The sports bar to the front, a quiet area to play the pokies, to the open ambience of the restaurant, and even an outdoor area to enjoy some of Whyalla’s fantastic weather. The restaurant menu is comprehensive and won’t leave anyone without choice and as I’m a keen lover of a good burger I can thankfully advise they are excellent.

Whilst locals celebrate the success of the Sundowner, its also worthy to note that the Motel plays an important part to the tourism and business sectors by offering pleasant, clean, and affordable accommodation.

The performance of the hotel can be directly linked to approximately 65 employees that boast they are locals and know most visitors by first name. Currently managed by the ever smiling Stephen Firth the Sundowner also has some very long term workers including Lorraine Mord who will help you enjoy the visit. So, when the sun is going down and shining on the Windmill, you’ll be more than comfortable enjoying a cold beer and nice food at the Sundowner,


Please remember, shop local, shop Whyalla…

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