You are currently viewing Workforce events – Whyalla, 9 May

Workforce events – Whyalla, 9 May

In the regions of the Eyre Peninsula and Upper Spencer Gulf, the announcement of major projects has thrown open the doors for local businesses to grab hold of some fantastic opportunities. However, there’s a catch: to truly make the most of these chances, your business needs to be ready, with a skilled team in place.

This session is tailored for local businesses keen to get practical, straightforward advice on drawing in, keeping, and developing the talent that’ll help them thrive amidst these new opportunities. We’ll kick things off by diving straight into all the business opportunities currently up for grabs and then explore what you might need to have in place covering:

Fair Dinkum Salaries and Perks

Hiring: Keep It Simple

Online Presence: Good Impression

Keeping Staff Isn’t Just About Not Losing Them

Talent Management: Look to the Future

Attraction: What Makes You Stand Out?

Growth and Learning: A Culture That Cares

Engagement: Making Work Meaningful

Diversity and Inclusion: Better Together

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