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December – Simply Good Health

Simply Good Health has been named Whyalla Chamber of Commerce and Industry business of the month for December 2015.

The health food store was awarded the title due to their quality customer service.

“Naturally I’m very proud” said owner Bob Keil, “It shows that some of the things the staff are doing are really being noticed by the public.”

The store sells predominantly healthy food, while also stocking other natural health products such as vitamins, herbs, and minerals.

“Food is something that people have every single day, you have seven or eight hundred people in this area that have to eat,” Mr Keil said.

“And so we’ve tried to come up with a range of food that’s very tasty, healthy as well, and a little bit different.”

Mr Keil said that the defining factors in securing the award were both the service provided by the store and the look of the business during the Christmas holidays.

“Around Christmas time the shop looked really lovely, it was full of baskets the window was decorated beautifully,” he said. “We had music playing, it was just a really nice atmosphere.”

“Friendliness is the key to it really, it’s a very friendly shop I think you’d find everyone notices that.”

The store first opened back in the 70s, and was purchased in 1991 by Mr Keil, who said the shop had gone through a big evolution over the years.

“We used to sell very elegant, fancy children’s clothes, christening gowns and stuff like that,” he said. “We’ve changed that all to body building, though the biggest evolution would be the transition into food.”

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