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Walga Civil and Contracting – Business of the Month January 2024

Congratulations to the January 2024 Business of the Month; Walga Civil and Contracting…

PRIDE, PRIDE, PRIDE, that’s the first thing that can be said about Walga Civil and Contracting. A very proud company that is 100% Aboriginal owned and providing quality services to heavy industry.

The company was established in 2008 under the guidance of Mr Elliot McNamara who is still very much involved and the key representative of the business. Mr McNamara believed that there was a way to provide employment for Aboriginal people with the aim to support closing the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Australians.

And that is exactly what he has done; Walga now boasts an employment of 110 people across its services. Having major contracts that provide services such as exploration, drilling, traffic management, trenching, and excavation to name just a few. In fact, there possibly isn’t anything that the team at Walga can’t provide the Civil and Contracting market.

Quote from Mr McNamara: ‘In my language WALGA means Eagle, I always looked at the eagles and saw how high they would fly, I looked at all the opportunities on my land and the business opportunities that we are not grasping. So, I took the name of the eagle as WALGA and called that my business’.

Please remember, shop local, shop Whyalla…

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