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Snap Fitness – Business of the Month March 2022

Recently, committee members Michael and Simone attended Snap Fitness to present them with WBT Business of the Month. We were pleasantly introduced to Club Manager Joanne Marshall who was delighted to receive the award on behalf of her team.

Snap Fitness is more than a generalised gym showcasing a very extensive array of quality equipment. Be it free weights or cardio equipment, the business has everything you’ll need to shed those extra kilo’s or reach a target of fitness. Being coached by personal trainers or just doing your own thing is something relaxing about what you feel when you first walk in. It even has Fitness on Demand which is a Virtual Group Fitness and nothing I’d heard of before and something the individual can join by themselves or in a group. Joanne and her team can customise to whatever suits your needs.

Snap Fitness is a franchised organisation with studio’s Nationally and Internationally. But as Joanne discusses, this isn’t something that her and her team rely solely on. They are constantly evolving with new ideas, specialised group settings that target different styles of fitness and individuals to name just a couple. And being a 24/7 service, the business has been a go to place for visiting contractors, FIFO’, and students.

I particularly noticed the sign, ‘No Towel, No Workout’. Although I could easily see that everything was spotless this also encouraged me that the team at Snap were meticulous in their cleaning regime which has been evidenced by a growing membership besides the Covid period.

Congratulations to Snap Fitness for being March Business of the Month. Visit them on Patterson Street, and check all the exciting things happening on social media via .

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