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CodeMash – Business of the Month June 2022

Congratulations to the June Business of the Month; CodeMash…

It was a pleasure to meet Tim Gilbert from CodeMash this week and present the good news of his company being Business of the Month for June. Almost the reluctant winner this month as it took a moment for the news to sink in and for Tim to realise how nice it was that one of his clients had nominated him.

CodeMash is a business supplying clients core services such as building, maintaining & updating websites, managing social media, website hosting & registering domain names. And, to compliment CodeMash, Tim’s partner Skai provides photography and graphic design.

In the strength of both Tim and Skai they’ve shown you don’t have to be big city based or fixed to a single location, which is underpinned by their large client base not only in Whyalla but Australia wide. They build websites for all industries, businesses and organisations.

So how did it all start? ‘Well’, Tim said, ‘I’ve always had a passion for IT and the internet’. ‘At the age of 16 I showed my primary school IT teacher how to build a web page; it’s always been something I’ve been comfortable with’.

After leaving school Tim worked in retail in Adelaide before returning to Whyalla and spending some time in he mining sector. But the lure of being involved in the internet industry was his real calling and he proudly opened CodeMash for business a few years ago.

A lot of us don’t have the time nor the expertise when it comes to promoting or maintaining our business profile, so that’s where Tim and CodeMash come to the call. Reach out to Tim and I’m sure you’ll be satisfied with what he can do which is evidenced by the reviews on his own website.

And remember; shop local, shop proud, and shop Whyalla.
Shop 2, 31 Playford Ave, Whyalla

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