September – Dr Mustafa’s Veterinary Clinic

Dr Mustafa’s Veterinary Clinic has won September’s Chamber of Commerce business of the month award for its outstanding service to the community.
Chamber of Commerce president Ron Hay said Mustafa’s Veterinary Clinic offered its customers valuable services.
“Unfortunately when a person needs to bring a pet here it’s for treatment because they are sick, so that can be a down side,” he said.
“However, the upside is when they do bring their pet here they feel very comfortable with its environment and its staff.
“That translates into the quality of service and care of the staff.” Mr Hay said Dr Mustafa’s Veterinary Clinic’s high standards were exemplary.
“It’s how they put that across to their customer,” he said.
“While they say ‘it’s just us doing our job’, it gives the customer a very satisfying experience.”
Owner/operator Mustafa Bozkurt said he was pleasantly surprised to have won the award.
Dr Bozkurt said his clinic had been nominated in 2008 and ended up winning the award for business of the year.
He said it was a “pleasant” surprise to have been nominated again

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